The financial demands of the Wood and Paper Industries are ready to be paid.

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The president's office chief assistance said, "The financial demands of the Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries are almost ready to be paid."

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According to Mehr News Agency reporter, on Thurssday at the re-launch of the production line of the Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries, Mahmoud Vaezi referred to the suitable measures taken to solve the problems of the Wood and Paper Industries and said, "The Quarters of facilities have taken good steps and the provincial governor have followed up the factory issues in the national scope very well." 
Stating that Mazandaran with its good people deserves more services and pointing to the problems and the financial demands faced by the Wood and Paper Industries as its main concerns, he said, "The preparatory measures have been being taken for the payment of its financial demands and is almost ready to be paid, and we help them to solve the problems related to the field of Agricultural Jihad Organization." 
Regarding the imports of timbers to supply the raw materials for the Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries, he said, "That the timbers have to be imported with their barks required more expertise examination which is the reason for the Agricultural Ministry precaution so that the imports to country shoul not be contaminated with pesticides." 
The Mazandaran Wood & Paper Factory is one the old industries in Mazandaran with the production capacity of 170 thousand tons of different types of paper.

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