Industrial tree farming guarantees the boom in the Guilan cellulose industry.

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Guilan province is the first center of the cellulose industry in the country. Therefore, ensuring the provision of raw materials for factories and the widespread industrial tree farming guarantees the boom in the provincial cellulose industries.

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According to Tasnim News Agency in Rasht, providing raw materials for any industry, such as cellulose industries the center of which is Guilan in the country, is one of the important priorities which should be paid attention to. As a result, the issue of industrial tree farming can remarkably assist the boom in the provincial cellulose industries.
 Statistics show that 331 thousand tons of goods with the approximate value of 182 million USD were imported from Guilan to other countries, especially the northern neighboring countries, and the projections for next year indicate an increase in the share of exports in Euroasia because of the new situation of our country. 
In an interview with Tasnim News Agency in Rasht, the head of Gilan Industry, Mine and Trade Organization emphasized the need to resolve problems the manufacturer are facing and said, "The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and its affiliated organizations in provinces including Guilan are very active in this field and use all their capacities."
Emphasizing that pursuing the industrial investors' right concerns is not the sole responsibility of Industry, Mine and Trade Organization, Farhad Dalghpoush restated, "The manufacturers have played a role in Economy and occupation of Guilan Province in these hard conditions, so we should adopt a unified and program oriented policy to remove the challenges of production." 
Stressing the special status of Guilan industries and stating that paying more attention the numerous capacities of the province can lead to the solution for numerous economic problems of the country, he said, "Guilan Industry, Mine and Trade Organization has had a wide program to support the manufacturing and industrial plants and managed to obtain good success in this respect." 
Considering the revival and restoration of the position of the province in the production of many products such as textile industry which used to be excellent in the province as the objective of the organization, the head of Gilan Industry, Mine and Trade Organization said, "It has been effective for the removal of manufacturers' problems to hold the meetings of the work group for the removal of the production barriers and to visit the industrial plants." 
Referring to the background of the industry in Guilan and emphasizing the need to expand it in the province in order to provide plenty of occupations, Dalghpoush said, "In the recent years, we experienced effective measures in industry and trade and hope that they will develop more because of the presence of our country in the Union of Eurasia."  
Regarding the need for planning the industrial tree farming and the authorities' foresight to continue the activities of Guilan cellulose factories better as important measures, he said, "Positive interaction with private sector and the use of lands for the plantation of industrial tree farming can guarantee the activity of Guilan cellulose factories."
According to Tasnim, there are 8 factories in Guilan in the field of different types of compressed wood production such as chipboard, MDF, HDF and High gloss MDF and over 100 industrial workshops producing different types of wooden pallets, as well as 8 manufacturing factories of cartons, Kraft paper and Liner cardboard which have made the province as the main center of cellulose industry of the country.

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