The decrease in cardboard prices has facilitated the activity for binders.

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The head of the Tehran Union of Binders emphasized, "The decrease in the price of cardboard, especially the glossy cardboard, in recent years has contributed to binders, removed the barriers to work and facilitated the background for the activities of those who are involved in the field."

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In an interview with Iran Book News Agency (IBNA), referring to the decline in the price of paper and cardboard in recent years and its effect on binders' activities, the Head of the Tehran Union of Binders, Jalil Ghafari Rahbar said, "The decline in the price of paper and cardboard has been promising good events and has been able to help them thrive in their activities."
He added, "In this respect, the price of the glossy cardboard which reached between 25 and 30 thousand Toman per kilo at this time last year has currently been reduced at from 11 to 15 thousand Toman a kilo in proportion to its quality."
Stating that the paper has also had a good declining trend, Ghafari Rahbar said, "The prices have been more reasonable, although it is still high and is not easy for binders to purchase paper and cardboard. However, it has been better, and we hope the declining trend continues." 
He noted, "On the other hand, the price stability of paper and cardboard is a serious demand on the part of blinders, although sometimes the exchange rate  and some events have a serious impact on prices, we still expect the government to attempt to stabilize prices."
Pointing out the need for paper and cardboard to be imported to the country, Ghafari Rahbar explained, "One of the issues that sometimes makes these commodities expensive is the lack of order registration and the creation of barriers in this respect; as long as the free market is widespread in the market, we will experience less instability."
Talking about the necessity for the government to supervise and monitor the paper supply and demand, he said, "Creating bubbles on the paper and cardboard market every now and then causes damage to printing and publishing activists. Fortunately, the bubble has now blown up and has created a good market for those who are active in this guild in the last months of the year." 
Ghafari Rahbar emphasized, "This market can create liquidity to a high extent for those who are active in printing and publishing and relieve them on the eve of the New Year."  

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