The paper price cheaper than cost price on the market

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The price of each ream of paper has reached at 277 thousand Toman which is less that the purchase price for merchants according to the market experts' belief.

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The market experts believe that such a decrease in paper price on the market is less than its cost price for importers because the price of each lot of paper is 800 USD in the world, and if we calculate the freight cost and …, we will find that the importers are selling their commodities without or at the least profit on the market.
The most important reason for the decline in the price of the paper market is the higher amount of supply than the demands, which has caused the importers to prevent the paper distribution on the market or the paper imports illegally so that the decrease in its supply will lead to the increase in its price. 
On the other hand, some experts also believe that the cheap paper price has resulted from different reasons; one of the most important reasons is the distribution of the governmental paper in the market which has led to the dro‌p of the paper price. The price of each ream of paper has reached from 500 thousand Toman to 277 thousand Toman for over the past two months.

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