The governor, "We support the construction of paper making mills in Hamedan province."

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Considering paper production from calcium carbonate a valuable plant for the province, the governor said, "We support the construction of this environmentally friendly industry in Hamedan province."

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In the meeting with the investor of paper making plant from calcium carbonate on Sunday, Seyed Saeid Shahrokhi said, "The government supports all plants of stimulating production and occupation and will pave the way for investors."
He added, "Supporting production and manufacturers is the Hamedan governmental authorities' first priority, and we also support the establishment of a paper making mill in Assadabad town."
Pointing out that the provincial industrial parks have appropriate infrastructures for any kinds of investment, Shahrokhi added, "The project for the construction of paper making mill from calcium carbonate will be implemented in Assadabad industrial park."
Hamedan governor emphasized, "Although we support industrialists and are open to them, our attention and approach are towards the environmentally friendly industries, and this plant can be a good symbol for the optimal usage of the existing resources and the preservation of nature."
Referring to Hamadan as the paradise of investment, he said, "The geographical location and security of this region has caused it to be one of the best places for investors."
The production of paper from stone is a remarkable revolution in paper making industry, and this technology is environmentally friendly and reduces the energy consumption."
This process no longer requires water, boiler, acid, alkyls and bleachers. It does not to dispose of gas and water and is economically 100% recyclable. 
Paper production from stone can be a substitute for numerous uses of plastic in our life rather than a suitable replacement for paper products because its production process is like the process of producing polymer films. 
Although the cost price of this product cannot still compete with traditional paper, it can create a lot of surplus value in the field of plastic packaging as well as complementary paper service such as waterproof paper, glossy and packaging.
80% of the paper component is calcium carbonate which can be obtained in abundant calcareous rocks around Iran.
The production of this type of paper may not be economical in Europe because their stone industries are not as rich as ours, but it is very profitable in our country.

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