Exporting goods to China requires new approach.

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The Minister of the Industry, Mine and Trade who had travelled to Shanghai to negotiate with Chinese officials and participate in the Importing Exhibition of China, said, "China imports 2 trillion USD of goods annually, and taking advantage of this capacity requires new approach and view by government and private sector."

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According to Shata quoting IRNA, pointing out that Chinese market is a great opportunity for Iranian producers which should be used to improve and expand exports to China, Reza Rahmani added, "Some of the extra domestic capabilities need to be taken advantage of in order to expand this sector."
He stressed, "The extra potential of the country including industrial, agricultural, mineral, oil and gas and pharmaceutical products should be used in line with the exports to China in order that Iran can gain its share on China's Market." 
Stating that the exports of Iranian goods to China is not very satisfactory compared to other countries, the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade added, "I have assigned a mission for the Trade  Development Organization a mission to improve its structure seriously and take steps towards the expansion of exports to China with the presence and assistance of private sector."
Mentioning the exchange of goods in the field of technology as one of the areas of good cooperation between Iran and China with respect to the existing capacities of the two countries, Rahmani said, "Exporting new technologies is a good opportunity while exporting goods to this country traditionally can be continued and strengthened, too." 
Referring to the participation of 20 Iranian companies in the China Importing Exhibition, he added, "We were presence in the exhibition with a good orientation in accordance with the new conditions so that more Iranian technological companies and Iranian knowledge-based products attended this exhibition."
The Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade emphasized, "The combination presence of the countries in this exhibition indicates the importance of China's importing market for them and offering these capabilities in the global commercial and economic scene is a rare event."
Referring to active participation of Iranian companies in the exhibition, Rahmani said, "Suring the exhibition, contracts are made between companies which provide a background for multilateral cooperation."
Reza Rahmani, the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, travelled to Shanghai as the head of a high ranking group in order to meet and negotiate with Chinese officials as well as to participate in the 2nd Importing Exhibition of Shanghai."
The China2nd Importing International Exhibition started in Shanghai with the participation of 150 countries of the world including Islamic Republic of Iran on November 5th with the presence of Chinese President, XI Jinping.

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