The production of 7–layer carton by Delta Sefidrood Cellulose factory

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Gilan Province printing and online media news tour accompanied by the officials of the Industry, Mine and trade Organization visited and got closely familiar with the factories of Delta Sefidrood Cellulose, A'ein Carton and Rezvan Carton.

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At the end of the visit in a news conference, the CEO of the Delta Sefidrood Cellulose, A'ein Carton and Rezvan Carton factories, referring to the importance of the recycling industry in the world, stated, "Today, the recycling industry in the world is an endless and valuable asset, while this industry is not cared in our country." 
Rezvani noted, "The recycling industry creates a stable job for each 9 thousand USD investment, and neglecting it causes the loss of 10 billion USD surplus value as well as losing job opportunities. 
Emphasizing the importance of this industry in the life of next generation, he stressed, "It is required to cut down 17 trees in order to produce one ton of paper, so this industry not only creates occupation and income but also plays an environmental role in preserving the environment."
Rezvani added, "The Delta Sefidrood Cellulose, A'ein Carton and Rezvan Carton factories are operating with 350 people at work and 400 people working at home and an investment of 125 billion Toman."
At the end, referring to the success of this complex in producing 7-layer carton by A'ein Carton for the first time in the country, he said, "We are honored to produce 7-layer carton for the first time in the country in Gilan factory which can resist one ton load in packaging industry. All our subsidiaries have specialized and well equipped laboratories which follow all required standards in these humid conditions that increase the hardship of producing cartons.  
Rezvani added, "At present, we use completely domestic corrugated sheets as our raw materials. Before the imposed sanctions, we imported raw materials from different companies, but we have been self-sufficient for almost three years."
The allocation of 1 billion Toman to production boom and 3 billion Toman to Gilan industry
Referring to government's macro policy in industry sector, the head of the Industry, Mine and trade Organization as the next speaker, stated, "With respect to the high cross-border capacities and environmental resources, the Gilan's Industry, Mine and trade Organization is trying to support cellulose industry to preserve environment." 
Dr. Dalghpoush emphasized the use of legal capacity to support production, prosperity and the removal of economic barriers and said, "This year, 1200 billion tomans and 3 billion tomans  credits have allocated respectively to in the area of production boom and industry."
He added, "The Organization has no restriction on allocating subsidies to industry sector, and 18 billion Toman subsidies have already been allocated to this sector."
Stating that the headquarters of the national resistant economy have been active all over the country, and Dr. Mohammad Bagher Nobakht is the head of Gilan headquarter, Dr. Dalghpoush said, "An effective step can be taken to protect and increase production boom by getting from these resources and utilizing all available capacities."
Regarding the production of the Delta Sefidrood Cellulose, A'ein Carton and Rezvan Carton factories, the head of the Gilan Industry, Mine and trade Organization stated, "This three cellulose recycling plants have been put near each other in a good cycle."
This complex is active in Rasht Industrial Park by using 30% of the allocated credits and employing 750 people."
Dr. Dalghpoush called the cellulose industry a clean one and said, "The recycling industry not only helps environment but also has an important role in the country's economy."
Finally he added, "The goal of industrial tours of the Gilan Industry, Mine and trade Organization is to create a bridge between producers and the society, and we hope that this relationship will be fruitful."

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