The Chinese are ready to transfer the technology of paper production from lime/ Semnan mines are prone to lime paper production

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The Chinese Wellson Co. CEO announced the readiness of their company to transfer paper production technology from lime to Semnan province and said, "Iran, and especially Semnan Province, has high capacity for paper production from limestone."

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According to ISNA News Agency, in a meeting with Alireza Ashnagar, the Semnan Governor, referring to his visit to Semnan mines, Yang Goufang said, " Visiting the Semnan mines, I clearly realized the high capacity and potential of Iran and Semnan province in regard to producing paper from limestone."
Stating that the technology of producing paper from lime is a new and important knowledge, he added, "This knowledge and technology need to be up-t0-date and new in order for the Iranian company to be competitive in the world."
The CEO of Chinese Wellson Co. stated, "Our Company is ready both to provide lime paper production technology and to cooperate with Iranian companies in the field of raw film production."
Pointing to the deep relations between Iran and China, he noted, "The relations between Iran and China are long-lasting and friendly, and the cooperation between Iran and China started long ago and are still continuing strongly."
Talking about their cooperation with Iranian entrepreneurs, Yang Goufang said, "So far, several proposals have been made by Iranian company on Wellson's specialized fields, and we are proud to cooperate with them."
Stating that Wellson Co. started its activities in film production, he added, "Our Company is currently one of the largest and most reputable Chinese companies in paper making from limestone."
Stating that their company is currently produces over 500 thousand tons of paper from limestone annually, he expressed hope, "Islamic Republic of Iran's government cooperate with their company in the field of customs facilities and factory construction."

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