The bizarre turbulence of the paper market today

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Today's paper market has experienced bizarre fluctuations of prices/ While the price of each ream of printing and writing paper fell sharply to 375 thousand Tomans this morning, the prices rose again and reached 420 thousand Tomans a ream in the afternoon.

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According to the Tasnim News Agency cultural correspondence, the paper market experienced a tangible declining trend of prices in the past two weeks. The decline in the price was noticeable in especially printing and writing paper the price of which dropped from 480 thousand Tomans a ream in last month and experienced a daily decrease of between 5 to 10 Thousand Tomans until yesterday when each ream of Indonesian writing and printing paper with 70 grammage reached 390 thousand Tomans. 
However, the major fluctuation of price has taken place on the paper market today; according to the paper sellers, the paper price dropped remarkable and reached 370 thousand Tomans a ream this morning, but as soon as the purchase and sales rose on the market in the afternoon, the price rose sharply and has now reached 420 thousand Tomans a ream. 
The managing director of Iran Paper Information Center, Mohsen Shadbeigi, confirmed the current paper price on the market in an interview with Tasnim and said, "The recent paper price decline in the few recent days and especially today resulted from importing a lot of printing and writing paper as well as glossy paper over the past weeks. In addition, the start of distributing paper by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance among the publishers has caused the price to fall more." 
He said, " However, given the good profit of paper, many businesspeople turned to the imports of this commodity, and suddenly a significan volume of paper was imported to the country, though there is a little hope of lowering prices."
Ghabeigi noted, "While the paper price reached its lowest price this morning, the increase in the demand to purchase it has increased the price which has now reached 420 thousand Tomans for a ream of printing and writing paper. On the whole, the paper market was bizarre over the two past weeks, and I hope the prices of the market will finally be stabilized." 

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