The discordant conditions for printing industry

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The printing industry has close relation with different fields of economics, politics and culture, but this section is dealing with problems such as expensive paper, the lack of supportive packages, inadequate use of new technologies; an undesirable situation which can be overcome with the public help and support."

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According to IRNA informative group, publishing is recognized as one of the most important pillars of the cultural industry and suitable opportunity to develop, improve and promote scientific communication. The book printing and publishing industry has a record of 100 years in Iran, and its evolution has been accompanied with many ups and downs so far. A brief look at the state of printing industry in Iran reveals that various families were involved in the industry as a family art in the past, and it has been a kind of hereditary handling. It should be noted the first generation of Iranian publishers known as the Elmies who bought a stone printing machine and started their activities in Tehran. Of course, with the advent of new printing houses, this industry entered a new phase under various names in this area. Over time, some educated people became interested in the industry, but the third generation turned to the industry due to economic reasons. 
There is a bitter fact; today's closure of many printing houses has plagued the industry and doubled the problems of this sector because the closure of each printing house leads to the stagnation and closure of dozens of jobs such as bookbinding, paper and bookstore. Moreover, the issue of solving the paper crisis in recent years has been one of the greatest problems engaging domestic publishers who complain loudly. In this regard, however, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Seyed Abbas Salehi, says that we have passed through the critical situation. 
On the occasion of the National Day of the Publishing Industry, the researcher of the IRNA informative group discussed the situation of this field and the existing challenges facing the industry from different aspects un the article. 

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