Wastepaper imports have been facilitated/ domestic paper production has been reduced over the past eight months.

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The secretary of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard announced the facilities to import wastepaper to the country and said, "The use of imported wastepaper compared the use of domestic wastepaper makes the conditions of industrial wastewater better."

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In an interview with the cultural correspondent of Tasnim News Agency, Mahshid Pourdad announced the facilitation of importing wastepaper to the country and said, "Following the facilitation of importing wastepaper to the country last month, we witnessed fairy good imports last month. Facilities have also occurred on the world market, and the Environmental Organization has provided some facilities for the imports of this vital raw material, too."
Explaining more, Pourdad added, "After a period of negotiations with the environmental experts, we were able to persuade them that the imported wastepaper due to its higher quality compared to the domestic wastepaper not only is not harmful but also will have less polluted industrial wastewater than the domestic one and reduce the environmental pollution, too. As per domestic directives, the imports of the wastes of other countries have restrictions. We persuaded the experts that the wastepaper imports make the industrial wastewater better."
Referring to the shortage of producing newsprint, orienting and writing paper in the country, she said, "We met from 28 to 30 percent of domestic requirements before the last year events, but the same production statistics has reduced over the past 8 months according to the Syndicate. Some factories have now shut down their production line due to some reasons, Pars Paper Co. has only a little production."
Pointing to the packaging paper price, Pourdad said, "Following the ease of importing wastepaper, we see a few percent reductions in packaging paper price in the country. Of course we are pursuing the stability of prices for the whole industry and hope that this trend continues."

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