The clearance of over 4 thousand tons of paper from customs/ meeting 8 percent of the demands!

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Over 4600 tons of writing paper and newsprint has been cleared from customs since the beginning of the year.

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According to Mehr News Agency, the latest updated tables of Paper Working Group were released today from the Secretariat of the Working Group.
The tables were published as management report of paper imports (cultural section) in 98 and the Status of Certified Applicants to import paper at governmental exchange rate in 98.
Based on the tables, 118 cases out of which 58 cases for newsprint and 60 cases were writing paper and bulk paper have been opened and checked by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance this year. The cases for over 55600 tons of bulk paper have been worth of over 55 million USD.  
For over 43 thousand tons of paper, the governmental exchange rate was allocated, and for over 33 thousand tons as well as 24300 tons of paper, the foreign currencies were supplied. However, as per the tables, only over 4600 tons of paper being worth of 4 million and five hundred thousand USD has not been cleared from customs. 
The paper cleared from customs meets only a little more than 8% of the checked import applications. 

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