The exhibition of paper and cardboard will be the basis of cellulose growth and development.

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The director of the 2nd Paper and Cardboard Exhibition said, "The exhibition can lead to the growth and the development of cellulose industry at the national and international level by making an appropriate background."

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In an interview with Iran Book  News Agency on the sidelines of the second day of exhibition, Reza Omidi, the director of the 2nd Exhibition of Paper and Cardboard said, "The exhibition is better than last year in terms of quantity and quality, and given the economic conditions and the rise in market prices, we did not imagine such a welcome from various companies and institutions and expected to hold the exhibition at the level of last year."
He added, "Of course our final targeting expectations are far greater from this industry and hope to be able to cover the entire exhibition space with cellulose industry in the next periods."
Expressing that the experience of holding the exhibition for the second time is honorable for the industry, he said, "The outcome of this conference and gathering depends on the people working in this field, and I hope following this background, we will experience prosperity and development in the cellulose industry in the national and international scope." 
He emphasized, "A major part of our attempt is that Iran will not appear as an importer in the region and other countries, but it will be considered as the center of production and activity of various cellulose product and industries, especially paper in the region, and the other countries refer to our country to purchase our products.
Omidi also explained the features of the second paper and cardboard exhibition, "Lat year, the exhibition was held in one hall, but this year we experienced a good welcome from the active people in the industry and witness two halls have been entirely dedicated to the exhibition." 
Stating that 76 companies have stand in the exhibition, he noted, "Moreover, this year, there are more participants in the area of manufacturing paper, cardboard and cartons as well as a combination of producers of raw materials and the active recycling companies, and we hope the number of participants will increase in coming years." 
The 2nd Exhibition of Paper and Cardboard started on Aug. 6th and lasted until Aug 9th at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibition.

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