The shortage of vital raw materials is threatening the existence of 2300 active plants in paper and cardboard industry.

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The deputy of industrial department of the Industry, Mine and Trade Minister considered the raw materials as one of the problems of paper and cardboard manufacturing industry.

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According to ILNA quoting the information network of production and business, Farshad Moghimi said, "The increase in the production in this industry is subject to the availability of the raw materials required by domestic paper industry; we try to provide the background of manufacturing the products with more surplus value by facilitating the supply raw materials.
At present, the paper and cardboard consumption per capita in the country is between 22 and 25 Kg, and around 2300 industrial units in paper industry and the paper products have industrial permission. The shortage of raw materials threatens the life of these units. 
The deputy of the industrial affairs, pointing to the 18 percent decrease in imports and the 63 percent increase in exports of paper and cardboard in 2018 and the supply of the domestic requirements in some types of paper and cardboard, noted, "With respect to the climate conditions, the development of paper industry in the country has focused on production by using waste paper. Concerning the shortage of waste paper in the country and the manufacturers' requirements to the raw material, the imports of the waste paper into the country will be facilitated by observing the environmental issues and the coordination with the Environmental Protection Organization."  

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