The inauguration of the production plant of entire Iranian thermal paper roll

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The production plant of entire Iranian thermal roll was opened in Nazar Abad with the goal of competing the similar foreign product and adjusting the market price.

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According to Tasnim News Agency, the factoy of thermal paper roll was opened in Sepher Industrial Park of Nazar Abad with the Iranian advanced automatic equipment.
The complex has been launch with the investment of private sector in order to supply thermal paper roll for Iran's market in the current critical conditions of paper market. The product of this plant is used as the paper of the ATM devices of Banks, POS devices, the receipts in stores for the relevant customers. 
In recent months, the fluctuations in the foreign exchange rates and the dramatic rise in the price of imported paper and the shortage of standard thermal roll paper in the market have forced the businesspeople to cut the size of receipt paper by half.
The construction of the complex lasted for a year and five months, and it is equipped with the entire Iranian automatic machinery to prevent the exit of the foreign currencies. Moreover, the managers of the plant say that the production line and the production capacity have been planned so that they have the least waste of paper compared the other internal and external plants. The launch of the thermal paper roll factory will provide occupations for around 50 people who will be recruited mostly from local laborers by the end of this year.
The plant equipped with full automatic machinery has the production capacity of 360 tons of paper roll per year, which will reach to 1000 tons by increasing the capacity of the existing machines. 
The plant was launched in land with surface area of 40 thousand m2 in the presence of the head of the Industrial, Mine and Trade Office of the city, the managing director of the Sepehr Industrial Park, The Imam of the Friday prayers of Nazar Abad, the head of the Labor Office and the police commander of the region. 

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