The rise of writing paper price to 520 thousand Tomans

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With the rise of paper price on July 2, each ream of 70 gram writing paper of 4.5 sheets is dealt at 520 thousand Tomans on the market.

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According to IBNA News Agency, while the previous week, each ream of 70 gram paper of 4.5 sheets was sold 505 thousand Tomans, after 8 days it increased by 15000 Tomans and reached 520 thousand Tomans. 
Moreover, on paper market, each ream of 70 gram paper of three sheets increased by 20 thousand Tomans and are dealt at 400 thousand Tomans.
Each ream of 80 gram paper of 4.5 sheets and each ream are 3theets writing paper is dealt respectively at 520 thousand Tomans and 320 thousand Tomans. 
According to IBNA, the cardboard market experienced a tranquil atmosphere. Glossy paper is sold 22,500 Tomans a kilo, the grey back  is from 21 to 22 thousand Tomans a kilo, and the inderboard is 22 thousand Tomans.

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