The Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries have the accumulated losses of 236 billion Tomans.

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The economic coordination deputy of Mazandaran province said, "The Wood and Paper Industries of the province as the largest governmental industry have the accumulated losses of 236 billion Tomans.

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According to Mehr News Agency, considering the Wood and Paper Industries of the province as the most important provincial manufacturing unit with the production capacity of 180 thousand tons per year at the working group of the headquarters for the facilitation of barrier removal of the production on Sunday morning, Hassan Kheyrianpour said, "Since 2015 when the forest breathing plan started, this factory has suffered fluctuations and problems and its problems has not been solved despite various meetings."
He stated, "Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries with 236 Billion Toman  accumulated losses has been subject to article 141 of business laws, and all our efforts and concern s is to solve the problems of the manufacturing units seriously in the year of production boom."
Stating that the Wood and Paper Industry of the province is also indebted to Social Security Organization and Tax Office, Kheyrianpour said, "The forest breathing plan implementation faces issues including the lack of allocating sufficient credit for forestry projects without harvesting wood, the prevalence of pests and diseases, the possibility of the traditional livestock return and the increase in the seizure of forests, the waste national capitals and the natural uprooted and dried trees." 
The deputy of Mazandaran governor said, "Planting forests, taking care of old forests, and forest breeding have faced problems by implementing forest breathing plan."
Also announcing that the production capacity of the factory is 175 thousand tons, Hassanpour said, "The paper consumption per capita in the US is 200 Kg, and its average in the world is 55 Kg while it is 25 Kg in Iran."
He added, "Last year, the factory production was 63 thousand tons, and we have a decling trend because we could not provide raw materials."
Stating the domestic cardboard consumption is one million tons, he said, "The domestic production capacity is one million and 600 thousand tons. However, the writing paper consumption of the country is 450 thousand tons out of which 100 thousand tons is produced in the Wood and paper Industries."
Stating that we have 20% share of paper production in the country and pointing to the challenges ahead, Hosseinpour said, "Financial problems, tax liabilities, debts to government organizations, etc. are the issues, and we did not managed to pay the large parts of our debts to the relative organizations."

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