The distribution of 4000 packs of paper started in Bukan

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Bukan governor said, "The distribution of 4000 packs of paper started to balance the prices in the city."

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In an interview with IRNA correspondent on Sunday, Loghman Khosropour added, "The mentioned paper will be distributed within the framework of regulating market plan on the market and aming the governmental offices."
Announcing the approved price of 270,000 Rials a pack, he added, "We hope to witness tranquility on the market and the prevention of excessive price increase by implementing these plans and distributing these items."
He said, "at the same time, the distribution of 150 tons of sugar which will be at distributors' disposal has started in the city in the current week in order to be distributed among the people of the city."
He continued, "To control the sugar price, the background of sugar distribution within the market regulation plan has been provided at the approved price which will be available in the city distribution network."
Stating that 41 stores distribute these items in the city and in different regions of county, Khosropour said, "The approved market regulating price of a kilogram of sugar is 38 thousand Rials. If it is sold higher than this price, legal actions will be taken against the perpetrator. The supervisory inspectors of the Industry, Mine and Trade Organization will monitor this case." 
Since the beginning of this year, around 400 tons of commodities within the market regulatory plan, including three tons of frozen chicken, 34 tons of frozen calf, two tons of lamb, 10 tons of Indian rice, four tons of chicken, 242 tons of sugar and 95 tons of sugar beet have been distributed among households." 
There are 19 unions with 11 thousand trade units in Bukan.

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