Paper was withdrawn from the list of basic commodities./ Imports with free exchange rate contribute to the stability of prices on the market.

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A paper importer confirmed the withdrawal of paper from the list of basic commodities and said, "The liberalization of paper imports with the currency at exchange rate will contribute to the stabilization of paper market and the reduction of prices."

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In an interview with Tasnim News Agency cultural reporter, Ali Vazehi, the CEO of Rahkar Barg-e- Behesht and the importer, pointing to the withdrawal of paper from the list of basic commodities , said, "According to the decision made by the Cabinet, paper was withdrawn from the list of basic commodities  and was subject to foreign currency at NIMA exchange rate, but the limited tonnage which is monitored by the Ministry of Islamic Guidance will receive the USD at the exchange rate of 4200Tomans and will be later distributed under the supervision of this entity."
He continued, "Under these conditions, all merchants and importers can import paper at NIMA exchange rate with the permit of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade. The merchants who want to take advantage of governmental exchange of 4200Toman per USD apply to the Ministry of Islamic Guidance; of course, the demand of the importers is to use free exchange rate rather than governmental exchange rate."
Vazehi described the future of paper market as clear and said, "In my opinion, paper has been withdrawn from the list of basic commodities, which contribute to the market stabilization in near future because most paper importers have been importing paper. Therefore, the supply is expected to increase. On the other hand, the competition on the market will help to moderate prices."
The CEO of Rahkar Barg-e- Behesht restated, "Our Company has fulfilled most of the orders at NIMA exchange rate this year, because we are less involved in the administrative bureaucracies and take actions more quickly. Meanwhile, we will have more distribution channels on the market. Naturally, the imports at free exchange rate do not have the problems of the imports at governmental rate because everyone can import, and the competition increases, which cause the prices to drop. In these conditions, market itself controls prices not the governmental monitoring and punishment entities because these entities cannot fill the gap between the shortage of supply and the demand on the market." 
Referring to the price bubble on the market, he said, "The price of all types of paper at free exchange rate should be from 14 to 17 thousand Toman per kilo while it is now between 20 and 25 thousand Tomans, which indicates that we still have bubble prices. However, if the supply continues in the same direction, the prices will be stabilized within two or three months."
Vazehi, who had already reported the exit of paper importers from the market, said, "Many of these importers are attempting to re-enter the import cycle."

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