Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industries should not be closed under any circumstances.

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Mazandaran governor said, “At present, over 2000 people are working for Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industries, and its closure can be a big blow to the province’s economy. Then, it should not be closed under any circumstances.”

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According to ISNA, at a meeting of the headquarters for the elimination of the barriers of the production held in the industrial park of Joybar on Wednesday night, Ahmaz Hosseinzadegan added, “Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industries are struggling with problems which we ourselves are responsible for, so we need to take the required actions to eliminate it.”
Citing the 40 billion Toman debts to the Social Security Organization as one of the problems, he explained, “The Social Security Organization should cooperate with this company sufficiently.”
Accordding to the IRNA reporter, the banking account of Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industries had been already blocked by the Social Security Organization; the problem which was fixed and the account reopened by governor suggestion and the Social Security Organization.”  
The governor of Mazandaran, emphasizing that the present problem of the province is the lack of a large investment holding, said, “A large investment holding will be launched soon in the province.”
Hosseinzadegan emphasized, “Withing the next month, the first phase of the investment holding will begin with a capital of 100 billion Tomans which can invest in all sectors of economy, production, tourism, agriculture, etc.”
Stating that in the second phase of investment holding, the activists from different cities of the province can participate in the economy, The governor of Mazandaran said, “The different cities can participate in the holding and purchase shares and invest.”
Stating that the holding should changed into an indispensible necessity, Hosseinzadegan said, “In order to develop the province more, all funds should be collected in this holding to be more profitable.”
A holding company is the one that collect all small and large cash funds and invest them in profitable fields. In general, a company that has the management shares of another or other company(ies) is a holding company. Holding companies have advantages such as reduced risk, limited ownership control, and legal separation.”
Currently, Behshahr Development Industries Co., Touka Foulad Investment Co., Ghadir Investment, the National Industrial Group and the Middle East Mining Industries (MIDCO) are the holding companies active on Iran Stock Exchange. 
Establishing a holding investment company in Mazandaran is suggested while the province with seven million tons of annual production has problem with distributing and processing sectors. A a result, the farmers in the province always incur losses during harvest season because of mediators and brokers. 
Moreover, touism is one of the axes of economical development in the province, but at the moment there is no targeted investment in different sectors such as marine tourism, nature tourism, health tourism, and other fields. That is why Mazandaran has been change more into a resort center for travelers.
The weak industrial sector of Mazandaran has seriously faced liquidity problems in recent years. The liquidity provided by the government and banks without interfering in the management of many companies has caused the capital not to be invested correctly and caused the industry not to turn back to the orbit of production and occupation. The official statistics shows that only during last year, 194 companies and industrial manufacturing units in Mazandaran did not manage to repay bank facilities and the financial institutions took their ownership, and they need liquidity to come back to production at the moment.  
The establishment of a holding investment can be the best solution to develop Mazandaran and to use its vast capacities if the rule and regulations are observed and if it follows the successful world models.
The meeting of the workshop of facilitating and eliminating production barriers was held with the participation of manufacturers and general directors in Pardis Co of Joybar.  

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