The allocation of USD at exchange rate of 4200 Tomans to paper is corruptive

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The head of the Iran Paper and Cardboard Syndicate said, “The allocation of USD at exchange rate of 4200 Tomans to paper has been corruptive and caused a lot of trouble; If we remove the governmental exchange rate for USD, the prices will be transparent and closer to their real value.”

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Abplfazl Roghani Golpayegani, today in an interview with the economic reporter of IRNA News Agency , referred to the rise in paper price in the recent days and said, “The increase in the exchange rate and the lack of balance between the supply and demand for this commodity are among the reasons for this high prices.”
The head of the Iran Paper and Cardboard Syndicate continued, “The major part of the USD at the exchange rate of  4200 Tomans allocated to paper has not returned to the consumption cycle of people, and we are witnessing the writing paper and newsprint paper are sold at the price of free market.”
He severely criticized the lack of proper control over this issue and said, “Despite the authorities’ emphasis on supporting production, this issue has not been the priority of paper industry yet, and we see the conditions and requirements have been provided for the foreign producers.”
** Criticizing the mandatory of two Ministries
He stated, “That the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade has been the mandatory of paper issue has added to problems and caused the abuse of opportunists.”
According to him, brokers and middlemen were those who have benefited from the disputes between these two ministries.
Pointing to the high prices of goods in recent months caused by the sanctions and other problems, he said, “Paper has been affected by this process, but its price should be reduced.”
Roghani stressed, “The management of the market with imports is a short term solution to balance the paper market, but the necessity to take the ‘production boom’ seriously and to support domestic production more seriously should be placed on the agenda for the medium and long term program.”
He also put forward the reform of tariff system, the creation of equal conditions for manufactures and importers, and the serious consideration of investment opportunities in paper as other issues which should be prioritized in order to balance the market.
The head of the Iran Paper and Cardboard Syndicate noted, “Three factories now active in paper production in Iran do not produce as per their nominal production capacity due to insufficient support.”
According to IRNA, Reza Rahmani, the Minister of Industry, earlier reminding the allocation of the USD at the exchange rate of 4200Tomans to paper last year  in the sideline of Tehran Book Fair, added, “We try to take actions to prevent the increase in paper price and subsequently the book so that it can help book publication market.”
Moreover, referring to legal actions against some importing companies that imported paper with foreign currencies  at governmental exchange rate but did not distribute the paper on the market, Hossein Entezami, the senior assistant to the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, said, “The paper drafts at the predetermined price will be distributed within the coming days.”

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