The most important factors of the production boom

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The primary condition of the boom in production is the improvement of the business atmosphere which is the most important factor of creating liquidity, working capital and supplying raw materials for production units.

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According to the News Network, in an interview with the program of “Tonight Headline” on the most important priorities of production boom, Abdul Reza Mesri, a member of the parliament, said, “While consecutive years are named by the Supreme Leader for production and occupation, we have reached a unanimous agreement on production, its setbacks, and the progresses which should be made in production, but the neutralizations will start in practice.”
The most important factors of production boom
Mesry added, “Production needs investment, technology, human force, raw materials and markets.”
He added, “One of the priorities of production boom is the banking facilities which are available for foreign manufacturer should be provided for domestic manufacturers.”
He added, “The manufacturers need raw materials, but the banking regulations have created problems for production, so liquidity, facilities for liquidity are very important for production boom.”
Mesry said, “The credit which is announced by the Central Bank to exchange offices lasts for one month which has caused problems for manufacturers to register order in one month.”
He added, “A special commission has been formed to remove the production obstacle in the parliament, and we are ready to provide the required facilities for production boom fast and easily.”
Abolfazl Roghani, the head of Industrial Commission of the Chamber of Commerce, also said, “Production is the driving engine of the economy of the country, so if the production is placed on a suitable path and track. It can solve the economic problems of the country.”
The most important factors of production boom
He added, “The Center of Parliament Researches conducts seasonal reviews of the domestic production, and the business atmosphere is permanently being monitored, so the most important factors of the production boom is creating liquidity and working capital of manufacturing units.”
The most important challenge of production boom is that the working capital of a manufacturing unit has increased four times, but banks do not cooperate enough in allocating resources for manufacturing units.
Abolfazl Roghani said, “Since we have problems with transferring money these days, many manufacturing units suffers from the shortage and problems with raw materials. Therefore, we can reach prosperity when we all have cooperation with one another and when the production is considered the major target of all entities. We should increase exports in order to supply raw materials and solve problems, so the neighboring markets can be our target.”
The head of Industrial Commission of the Chamber of Commerce said, “In the conditions of economic war, it is imperative that the Dialog Council and the parliament be more coordinated so that the business environment will improve more.”
The Dialog Council is chaired by Minister of Economy, but the required decisions and conclusions made by the Council are not attractive enough.”
The most important factors of production boom
On the telephone call, the Planning Deputy of Ministry of Industry, Saeed Zarandi said, “The Ministry of Industry has plans to boost production.”
He added, “Production boom requires a new movement and a jihadist view so that the country’s system must be booming and the basis of policies should be production boom.”
The Planning Deputy of Ministry of Industry said, “The Ministry of Industry has focused on 7 major axes, and the expansion of exports has been on the basis of targeting 15 neighboring countries.”
He said, “To develop production, our target is to activate the empty capacities of manufacturing units, and two other axes are Clothing and home appliance industries which have been paid special attention to.
Zarandi said, “The Supreme Leader have placed the production as the first priority of entities, and the policies should be based on production. Therefore, the production boom can be the adjustment point of all entities.”
Zarandi said, “The facilities and liquidity are not the only factors of the production boom because we should have a rise of demands, too. Therefore, with the rise in demands, the supply of raw materials and capital (liquidity) are also important.”
He added, “All should be in harmony to take advantage of opportunities, so the main duty is to use private sector.”
Zarandi said, “We should have distribution of responsibilities in national scale in order to have production boom. The policies of the Central Bank for the allocation of the foreign currencies can an escape route to solve liquidity problem of the production units.”
He added, “When it comes to speak on production in the whole world, the first condition is the improvement of business environment. Therefore, the approaches of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade are to stabilize the regulation so that we will have the highest interaction with the chambers and groups to eliminate the production problems.”
Zarandi said, “The Added Value Tax is one of the concerns of the production units which needs parliamentary approvals.”
Zarandi said, “Organizing the management of enterprises is the main purpose of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, and special attention has been paid to clothing and home appliance industries.”

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