Eight importing companies are being pursued.

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In case of paper, eight importing companies are being pursued, with the exception of the two main culprits who have escaped, seventeen ones are in custody.

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According to the Printing and Packaging News Agency, in an interview with Radio Tehran City Park program on issuance of 138 indictments, AbbasJafari Dolatabadi added, “All these eight companies received 190 million USD with which they either imported paper bit sold the paper on the free market based on faked invoices or did not import paper at all and sold the foreign currency on the market.”
Tehran prosecutor told IRIB News Agency, “All these measures resulted in not delivering paper to real consumers, and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, as responsible entity to supervise on paper issues, should monitor those who receive currencies for paper imports to deliver imported paper to real consumers.”
Tehran Prosecutor asked the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade to enhance its supervisions as it has increased it before. 

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