Cooperative companies will be active in importing the raw materials of the printing industry.

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The deputy director of Planning for Printing and Publication of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance said, “In order to remove the shortage of raw materials of printing and packaging, the use of the capacity of cooperatives to import such materials has been put on the agenda.”

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At the opening ceremony of the 7th Specialized Exhibition of Printing and Packaging Industries at the permanent location of Mashhad International Exhibition, Ali Akbar Ebrahimi added, “In this respect, the lithographic cooperative company will be the first cooperative which will import printing plates to the country.”
He said, “The printing and packaging sectors face a lot of problems with the supply of raw materials. The economic sanctions lead to the increase in the price of foreign currencies and paper. The foreign companies do not cooperate enough to import raw materials, either.
He said, “On the other hand, all raw materials for the production have not been included in the basic commodities for the dedication of governmental exchange rate. So far, the governmental exchange rate has been dedicated only to the paper import, but it has not been dedicated to materials like printing plate.”
Ebrahimi Added, “Two commissions have been formed at the ministry to consider the problems of printing and packaging for the supply of raw materials and take the necessary measures.”
The head of the Union of Printing Houses in Khorasan Razavi province also said at the ceremony, “If the raw materials required by the printing and packaging industries are not provided, the production units in this category will soon be closed, and 2000 workers will be unemployed in the province.”
Ali Moghani stated, “Following the increase in the exchange rate this year, the government has restricted the imports of goods and divided the imported goods in different groups in order to receive foreign currencies. In this regard, the governmental exchange rate of 4200Tomans for a USD was only dedicated to paper among the raw materials required by the printing and packaging industries. Afterwards, 6 thousand tons of different kinds of paper were distributed in the country.”
HE said, “We face this policy while the share of paper in the raw materials required by printing and packaging industries is between 12 and 14 percent, and the government has not dedicated governmental exchange rate to other raw materials like cardboard and others.”
The head of the Union of Printing Houses in Khorasan Razavi province said, “Since the government dedicated the USD with the exchange rate of 4200Tomans to imported paper, the price of paper, ink, glossy paper, cardboard rose dramatically on the market.”
Moghani said, “While the price of raw materials for printing and packaging industries has had an increase of from 5% to 100%, how can the people who are involved in this sector continue to produce?”
He added, “On the other hand, the instructions issued by the Ministry of Industry has banned the producers or traders who had not had a record of importing goods before to import which has created problems.”
He stated, “In the current conditions, different cooperatives in the printing and packaging industries can receive foreign currencies from the Central Bank and import the raw materials required by producers.”
The head of the Union of Printing Houses in Khorasan Razavi province said, “A lot of traders have imported and stored the raw materials of printing industry like paper and refuse to supply them on the market. Therefore, the activation of cooperative in importing raw materials can prevent their practice.”
The 7th Specialized Exhibition of Printing and Packaging, Corrugates Industries and Relevant Machinery, Advertising Boards, the Related Services and Requirements has been opened simultaneously with the International Exhibition of Textile, Clothing, Home-made Textiles and the Related Industry started at the permanent location of Mashhad International Exhibition today.”

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