The explanation of the head of police in the capital on the escape of the troublemakers on the paper market.

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Following the recent comments on the escape of the troublemakers on the paper market made by Tehran prosecutor, the head of the police in the capital explained about it.

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According to Mehr News Agency, in the response to the recent comments made by Tehran Prosecutor about The Sultan of paper and the three main culprits of the case, Sardar Hossein Rahimi said, “We filed two lawsuits about paper; the first one was about a group who received foreign currencies for paper imports but sold the currencies on the free market. The second group was about those who received foreign currencies and imported paper, but they hoarded the paper and sold the paper at an arbitrary price on free market.
He added, “The main culprits of this group were identified and were arrested by the police, and the last one involved in the case have been arrested after a surveillance and prosecution operation in Fars province in recent days.
Pointing to the comments on the three fugitive culprits of this case, the Head of Police in the capital said, “These three ones had escaped before the police filed a lawsuit and pursued the case.”

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