Making paper separator from carton in the country

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The researchers at Tarbiat Modarres University managed to design and make a “disk screen separator” of wastepaper from cartons.

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According to ISNA, explaining the consequences of non-separation of wastepaper for the environment and the economy, Dr. Arash Rezaei, the researcher of Tarbiat Modarres University, said, “The impossibility of the separation of wastepaper, especially paper from carton, has two great consequences for domestic environment and economy; first, waste producer has no incentive to separate wastepaper from other dry waste which leads to mixture of different kinds of dray wastes, the increase in the paper humidity, and its contamination with food which results in the rejection of this type of paper from the process of recycling or the production of low quality products. Secondly, because of not having principled separation at the original point, the domestic paper making industries have never sought to use the deinking technology which has led to the continuation of importing graphic paper (A4 paper/ printing paper, newsprint , etc.) and imposing costs on the country.”
He added, “In the developed countries, the citizens are not only encouraged and obliged to participate in paper separation from other wastes, they also have appropriate plan to collect these wastes systematically, and have targeting investment in better sorting and separating technology of different types of wastepaper from one another in order to meet the supply requirement of paper and carton manufacturers.”
Rezaei continued, “One of the most commonly used machines in the category of paper separation is the disk screen separator. Its design and construction on a semi-industrial scale made it possible to separate wastepaper efficiently in the country. As a result, it was possible to recycle wastepaper suitable for deinking from other types of wastepaper.”
He noted, “The costs of purchasing, transporting, and clearing a second hand disk screen separator from customs is around 35 thousand Euros amounting to 560 million Tomans while the mentioned device was designed and built at only 25 million Tomans.”
Referring to the advantages of the device, the researcher at Tarbiat Modarres said, “The mentioned technology is economically feasible because it prevents the waste of wastepaper as the secondary raw material, helps to reduce the imports of paper and pulp to the country, makes better separation leading to the production of higher quality product, and ultimately helps to localize the mechanical separation of wastepaper. The device can be used in industries active in separating and recycling wastepaper, paper and carton making factories, universities, research organizations and companies in the country.”
The disk screen separator of wastepaper from cartons was unveiled at the Tarbiat Modarres University pavilion of the 19th Exhibition of Research Achievements, Technology and Market Technique.”

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