The price of cellulose products dropped by 20%

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The launch of tissue production line in the country

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The head of the Association of Cellulose and Hygienic Products said, “The price of cellulose products has become cheaper between 10 and 20 percent since the start of the crisis.”
According to Fatemeh Akbarkhani from Eghtesad Online, in an interview with the correspondent of Eghtesad Online, stating that the price and supply problem of cellulose products has not been forgotten, Abbas Fassih Khoshgard said, “We are still pursuing the adjustment of the price and supply of cellulose products which has not been forgotten. That is why, their prices have dropped by around 20%, and they are produced and distributed abundantly.”
Khoshgard continued, “The crisis which was caused by the difference in the exchange rate between NIMA system and free market has been solved, and we no longer have problems with the production and distribution process of these products.”
Announcing the launch of a tissue production line in the country, thehead of the Association of Cellulose and Hygienic Products said, “Although the raw materials for the production of tissue and diapers are completely imported, the tissue production line, as one of the most consumable goods of family consumption basket, has luckily been launched, and we have become self-sufficient in this regard.”   

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