The price range of wastepaper should be considered 1500 Tomans

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Dear all members of Syndicate and the manufacturers,

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First of all, we would like to thank all respected ones who have participated in the survey. Please kindly be
advised that since wastepaper has the main proportion in the calculation of the cost price of our
manufacturers paper, the survey is the basis of a part of the calculation of price cost and the price of
wastepaper in different parts of the country. We think the price range of wastepaper should be considered
1500 Tomans in order to prevent the decrease in the volume of wastepaper, to continue the process of
collecting domestic wastepaper and importing wastepaper, and to prevent the abuse of the dealers.
Therefore, based on this figure plus the overhead costs and reasonable profit for the manufacturers, the
cost price can be calculated.
Therefore, we will appreciate it if the same policy of purchasing wastepaper is followed by all
manufacturers like before so that we will not face the lack or shortage of wastepaper and a sudden rise in
its price accordingly.
In this way, the background for exporting paper and importing wastepaper will be provided, and the market
will go towards a relative balance.
Thank you in advance for the cooperation we expect from each of you,
The Iranian Syndicate of the Manufacturers of Paper and Cardboard

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