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Welcome to our Gala Dinner which is organized by China CBBC Exhibition Co & Iran Paperandwood Many thanks for all my Iranian friends are coming to our Gala Dinner. .

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Ladies and Gentlemen Good evening
Welcome to our Gala Dinner which is organized by China CBBC Exhibition Co & Iran Paperandwood Many thanks for all my Iranian friends are coming to our Gala Dinner. .
During past 5 years, Dr Amir Hosseini and me always negotiate how to improve our service quality, how to show more advance and new products to our friends.  During these years, we visited factories to understand what is the factory expect, what’s the situation now in Iran, what kind of product will be attract and suitable for future.
In order to make all the solution under the technical and professional way, this year we also invite some Chinese Engineers come and visit corrugated factory, from this visiting we learn some different situation, for example, in China carton box factory, they are more focus on order Fast Changing Technology, because 1 day for 1 printing machinery need finished 20 orders, but in Iran, one day is about 5 orders, so even the fast order changing technology is good, but its not priority now in Iran.  On the other side, the Bursting issue is the real headache for Iran factory, because the paper recycle times too much, it makes fiber shorter and the weather moisture is lower, also the corrugated line in Iran, the heater temperature is 170-180 degree, which makes paper brittleness, so the bursting problem happen is much frequently than in China.
We decide to add this good topic in our technical conference, and explaining whats our solutions in China, meantime we also let our Chinese suppliers to preparing their solo solutions.  At here, I do appreciate for kindly supports from Pishgaman, Mihan Carton, Iran Carton, Kahrizak paper mill, Asan Pack thanks for your kindly supports and exchange lots of value information to us.
This year we met the hard time for money transfer issue, but still have 16 Chinese suppliers continues come to Iran.  From my side, I am happy to see this situation, because more and more Chinese suppliers are looking for the future and long time cooperation.  And I am also happy to learned from 10 days before, our Kunlun bank announce again open his business with Iran.
For our Pulp & Paper sector, we are glad to our stock preparing team can work from OCC, deinking, mechanical pulping system. Meantime we also have dryer, chemical and QCS, DCS suppliers here.
For Corrugated Line & Carton Box sector, this year we not only invite Chinese A class flexo printing suppliers, we also invited Taiwanese brand corrugated line supplier Xieyang and Chinese supplier west river, for baler supplier Jewell also come.  And wish we can see you in hall 35 during the Iran Pack showing time.
At last, please give 2 minutes to introduce our another program Lets GoChina, different from the exhibition visiting, lets GoChina is more focus on technical communication and factory visiting.  Some buyers are asking, why the machinery working in China is good, but when arrive Egypt, still lot of problems happen.  Whats wrong?  Honesty speaking, all the machinery operate need training, just like you buy a Falarri car, it can racing 200km easily, but without training, it still will difficult for us to handle. So during our Lets GoChina program we are not only show the machinery technology, also will show you the operate skill and maintenance skills.
This program will have 2 topics, one in Nov is Pulp & Paper program which special for paper mills; another in July for corrugated and carton box factory.  After visiting the factory, you know how to choosing the suitable machinery, and last day, during the Matchmaking day, you can talk with all Chinese equipment suppliers.  Until now our Lets GoChina has been service more than 150 oversea corrugated factory and paper mills, if anybody, who interested in this program, please kindly contact us anytime.
That’s all, thank you for your time, and wish you will enjoy our Gala Dinner.

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