Managing Director of Bank Mehr Economic visited a paper manufacturing complex

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Managing Director of Bank Mehr Economy, along with senior managers of the bank, visited Rasha Caspian Paper Complex in Zanjan in line with its policy to support and provide credit for industrial and manufacturing units.

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According to Poul News Banking and Insuring Group, Seyed Zia Imani, the Managing Director of the bank, accompanied by the Deputy Director of Regional Affairs, Director General of the Directors’ Affairs, the Director Geneal of Public Relations and Management, the Deputy Director of the Credit and International Affairs, and the Head of the Office of Tehran West Branches, stated the only way to get out of economic troubles would be to support domestic production and to realize the resistance economy during the visit to  Rasha Caspian Paper Complex and said, “The support of Banks and financial institute for economy will lead to channelizing the idle liquidity in the society towards the production and the industry so that the economy will boost and thrive.”
Pointing to Mehr Economy Bank’s plans to support occupation and the production of domestic goods in line with the realization of the Supreme Leader’s ideas and targets, the Manager Director said, “We have been trying to take effective measure by supporting the Economic Resistance Projects to boost domestic production and provide sustainable employment.
Expressing that the support for the enterprises and various manufacturing industries is the main program of the Mehr Economy Bank, Imani added, “The bank have managed to establish direct employment for 180 thousand people by paying banking facilities to Economic Resistance Projects.”
The Bank Manging Director noted, “We intend to allocate absorbed deposits to various manufacturing sectors and industries in order to provide them with working capital and to develop key sectors of industry and employment.”
Afterwards, Abdolreza Khatami, the Head of the Office of Branch Affairs in Zanjan province while congratulating the managers in Rasha Caspian on utilizing capital for production and employment in the province, hoped that Mehr Economy Bank would be able to provide the required facilities for the development of the company’s production and services.”
It is worth mentioning that Rasha Caspian Co. in Zanjab was established in a land with the surface area of 150 thousand cubic meters in theZanjan Industrial Park No. 1 in 2014 and has managed to provide direct employment for 500 people.”

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