The factory owner who cannot move forward because of barriers!

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The chairman of the board of a paper making company mentioned the shortage of raw materials, accessories, and spare parts as the greatest problem of the paper production from wastepaper.

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Ahmad Dadashnia in an Interview with ISNA said,” To produce a ton of paper, we have to cut down many trees, but the green cooperatives help to restore forests.”
Stating that they are recycling 140 tons and 5 thousand tons of wastepaper to paper respectively per day and per month, he said, “A great quantity of these types of paper were imported, but at present domestic production of this paper with required quality and standard which can compete its foreign sample is possible.”
The chairman of the board of this cooperative company, pointing out that the existing change in exchange rate and fluctuations have hurt the cooperative, said, “There are plenty of problems with the purchase process. We have suffered a lot due to the fact that the necessary equipment and their spare parts are supplied from foreign sources.”
Referring to the shortage of paper, especially for newspaper and stressing that if the way for the imports of raw materials is paved, the problem of paper shortage will be removed, Dadashnia said, The raw materials are found abundantly in neighboring countries, but there are a lot of bureaucratic problems with importing them which discourage people to proceed in this respect.”
Stating that the shortage of raw materials, accessories and spare parts are the most important problems we are facing, he said, “There are limited cooperatives that intend to supply the required paper for the entire country which makes it hard to provide paper.”
Referring to the fact that we cut down no trees and merely use wastepaper which is purchased from all over the country for the paper production, Dadashnia said, “80% of the waste is converted into paper, the remaining 20 percent includes glass, plastic and sand.”

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