Mirbagheri, “The paper shortage in the country have been eliminated”

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The head of the Assciation of Paper and Cardboard Importers stated, “Given the imported tonnage and the tonnage recorded for imports, there will be no shortage of printing paper and writing paper in the country.” and said, “It will be realized when the Central Bank honors its pledge.”

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In an interview  with the cultural reporter of Pouya Journalists Club, referring to the paper working group’s meeting held at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance managed by Majid Entezami before the religious holidays of Tassou’a and Ashura,  Seyed Hassan Mirbagheri, the head of the Association of Paper and Cardboard Importers, said, “After discussions in this meeting, it was found that given the tonnage of imported paper and the tonnage recorded for imports in near future, we will not face paper shortage.”
He continued, “Of course, the working group has not specified a tonnage for imported paper, and individuals can import unlimitedly.”
Mirbagheri stated, “If the Central Bank honors its pledges of allocating foreign currencies for paper imports, in the light of good cooperation of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Islamic Guidance with private sector and the paper market management, we will experience paper market stability in the future.”

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