Paper market has stagnated

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Stating that price stability on the market will contribute to the boom of the production sector, the head of the paper and cardboard union said, “The manufacturers who are facing problem purchasing raw materials prefer not to buy until the market is stabilized which has caused stagnation on the market.”

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In an interview with Iran Book News Agency (IBNA), Hossein Mirbagheri – the head of the paper and cardboard union, stated, “The paper price did not change last week compared the prices in previous weeks.” He continued, “Paper market is stagnant like the other areas active in printing and publication, and no deal is done at paper stores.”
He added, “Of course, the prices have change compared the prices of the beginning of the year, but we should keep in mind that it is not just the issue of paper, but other commodities have also faced a dramatic rise in prices in the country.”
Stating that the price of some commodities is increasing weekly, Mirbagheri said, “There was such an issue in the field of paper for a period of time, but fortunately we have not experienced an increase in the price of paper for the recent 10 days.”
He emphasized, “We will be happy with keeping the prices constant so that the pressure on the manufacturer will be removed, because when we can have raw materials at a suitable price, the production will flourish, and the products are supplied easily on the market.”
The head of the paper and cardboard union, pointing out the consequences of unstable price for a long time, said, “Manufacturers cannot purchase until the price is not specified, and the production wheel will not move what should be noted and considered by the authorities.”
Mirbagheri noted, “The problem is that we are imposing sanction ourselves in the country more that what foreigners intend to do. Although numerous economic problems have been brought about for the country, I believe that we can deal with many of these problems with cooperation and coordination, and I hope we can witness the decrease in prices in the coming days.”

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