Readiness declaration of five private companies to supply paper

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The Press General Directorate and the domestic news agencies reported the cooperation agreement made between five private companies and the press deputy to supply journal paper.

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According to Pouya Club of Journalists quoting the deputy of press and informative affairs, following the memorandum signed by Ministry of Guidance and two paper importing company to supply paper for journals, three other private companies announced their readiness in this field. The cooperation memorandum was also signed with these three companies after necessary inspections.
Therefore, in the light of the memorandums of understanding reached by the General Directorate and the domestic news agencies from one side and the five large paper importing companies from another side, in order to have paper distribution at reasonable price (calculated based on receiving foreign currency at governmental exchange rate), all active journals can announce their demands mentioning their required quantity to the General Directorate  so that after expertise inspections they will be introduced to receive paper.
Moreover, as per the notification made to the provincial guidance offices, the provincial journals and press can submit their demands to the General Directorate of Culture and Islamic Guidance or provincial press centers so that after the aggregation of demands, they will be forwarded to the Press General Directorate and the domestic news agencies for the supply of their demands in order that the provincial journals will not be concerned about the supply of their required paper at reasonable price.

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