Supporting small industries is the way out of impasses

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Managers and the active people in industries and economy believe that it is possible to both improve the capabilities of industries and have a market share in the global markets by supporting small enterprises properly and professionally.

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Participating in the program “Tonight Headline” on Tuesday July 14, Najafi – the director of the Organization of Small Industries and Industrial Towns announced the extension of the 1st Exhibition of the Capabilities of Small Industries in Iran and added, “The exhibition has extended for another day due to the remarkable welcome shown by industrialists and economical activists, and the dear ones can attend can visit the latest capabilities of small industrial enterprises at Tehran Mossalla (prayer location).
Najafi continued, “1400 industrial units out of 84 thousand units having license attended the exhibition. Despite the fact that the exhibition covered only 2% of all the units, their gathering indicated a great job when these small enterprises were together.”
The director of the Organization of Small Industries and Industrial Towns added, “Our target was that the people see close the capabilities of domestic manufacturers and the industrialists become familiar with their colleagues and their capabilities.”
Abolfazl Roghani, the head of the Industrial Commission of the Chamber of the Commerce, appreciating such activities to introduce small industries, said, “One of the most important problems of our industries is the fact that the macro approaches are not clear.”
Roghani added, “We still do not know whether we should move towards the big industrial enterprises or move towards the expansion of small enterprises.”
Stating that we have not yet been able to take advantage of the small and medium- size units correctly, the head of the Industrial Commission of the Chamber of the Commerce continued, “We have had poor diplomacy in economic diplomacy, However, we can remove the weakness of the small and medium-size enterprises, especially in the field of distribution and exports by using the powerful and mother corporations that can coordinate and lead the medium-size and small units in the form of their chain and cluster.”
To complete this discussion, Najafi stated, “They can come in industrial and economic fields as a kind of contractor and take advantage of individual small units to move forward to the goals.”
The director of the Organization of Small Industries added, “These companies fulfill all the procedure of operations from procurement of raw materials to exporting products.”
Later on the program of “Tonight Headline”, Roghani, stating that our industry is currently under pressure, said, “Our industry is not in good position; from one hand, they suffer the cruel sanctions; one the other hand, they face management problems domestically.”
The head of Industrial Commission of Iran Chamber of the Commerce added, “The current problems of the country have resulted from weak management which has remained from the past perod, for example not paying attention to Resistant Economy.”
Roghani considers the lack of long term strategy one of the big industrial and economic problems and continued, “When the authorities say that they have a program and a plan for each challenge, we should ask if the plan were followed correctly, then why have faced problems now.”
Stating that he wishes the industrial management were coordinated and did not active individually, this economic activist said, “The challenges we are currently facing have resulted from acting separately and not having a complete and comprehensive and long-term strategy.”
Roghani added, “Fr example, 90% of the analysis was for trump’s breaching the treaty, but when we know what problems will be created after it, why have we not set up one or several plans to confront it and the issues like the oil sanctions.”
The head of Industrial Commission of Iran Chamber of the Commerce continued, “When we know we will have problems with foreign currencies and exports why have we not programmed for them?”
Stating that small enterprises do not have the capability and the possibility of overseas marketing, Roghani said, “The removal of such issues is the responsibility of the Organization of Industrial Towns, and we hope that the plans which are presented in this field and are being carried out will reach a good result, and next year the authorities of the exhibition present a high rate of exports in their statistics.”

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