Cardboard market is on the brink of crisis

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Today we are facing serious problems with registering order and importing different types of cardboard including grey back, FBB, white back and glossy, and if no solution to import this commodity is thought of in near future, we will face crisis in this field.

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In an interview with Iran Book News Agency (IBNA), the head of the association of paper and cardboard importers stating that the cardboard as a basic commodity is required for printing and publishing along with paper, said, “Although a large section of the problems in respect of paper supply has been resolved, today we are facing serious problems with grey back, white back and glossy cardboard because the businesspeople who used to import cardboard and are involved in this field  are not given the import permission.”
He continued, “The permission to import cardboard used to be granted to the dealers in this field, and this commodity was easily bought and sold on the market, but now the importers must first make contract with the ones who have the production license or with the manufacturing factories, then they can register order for the imports of cardboard.”
Mirbagheri, stating that the market procedure has currently been disturbed, said, “Many of our industries, manufacturers and factories that managed to supply their required cardboard easily are now waiting for a small quantity of cardboard due to the lack of this commodity on the market.”
He emphasized, “The problem here is that the importer is not allowed to import cardboard, and the end user cannot take any action in this respect for a small quantity of the goods, which is why we are likely to face a serious shortage of cardboard on the market in near future.”
We should trust the private sector
the head of the association of paper and cardboard importers in another part of his speech stated that a major part of problems of imported paper has been solved due to the interaction between government and private sector and said, “Of of our main problem was the inconsistency between the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and the Central Bank. Luckily, this issue has been changed into convergence and cooperation of these two governmental bodies in recent days.”
Mirbagheri continued, “As long as the government does not trust the private sector, the problems in various economic fields will resist. The government is successful when it believes the people and uses the experience and capability of private sector. We are please to learn that this attitude has been created in the government.”
Stating that we are in economic war today, Mirbagheri added, “I believe that all businesspeople and activists in various fields should tolerate this sensitive economic situation and try to help one another to pass these difficult circumstances like the previous periods.”
He stressed, “Paper and books are also essential requirements of any society, but we have to keep in mind that apart from the publication area, other industries like packaging which is considered as a mother industry and influential one are in short of supply, and the government should also pay attention to them fundamentally.”

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