The inauguration of Taska Pulp Mill in Aliabad

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Taska Pulp Mill started its operation in Aliabad Katoul. The Minister of Labor appreciated the efforts made the Golestan entrepreneurs at the opening ceremony oh this manufacturing unit.

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The factory, providing 60 direct and 500 indirect employment opportunity, became operational with an investment of 30 billion Tomans in the presence of Ali Rabei, the Minister of Cooperative, Labor and Social Welfare; Seyed Manaf Hashemi, the governor of Golestan; Assadollah Gharekhani, the parliament member of Aliabad Katoul; and a group of directors.
The construction operation of this manufacturing unit started in October 2016 with a initial production capacity of 60 tons of pulp per day. The raw materials of paper production in the mill are supplied from agricultural waste, and this plant has been put into operation in order to realize the ‘Resistance Economy”.
The advantages of operation of the pulp making factory in Golestan province are to meet a part of domestic requirement of raw materials for paper production (pulp), to convert the agricultural waste to paper, to have positive influence on preventing the burning of straws and crop remnants; and to prevent the destruction of the ecosystem, the air pollution and the cutting down of the trees.
Ali Rabiei said, “At present, we have produced raw materials of paper from straws and agricultural wastes, while we have imported them so far.” Describing sanctions as a great opportunity for Iran, he stresses, “We will make a mountain of resistance from Trump’s pile of sanctions.”
Addressing Trump, he said, “Iran is different from the countries you know. You had better consult Bush and Carter,… because we believe that Iranians will pass through the sanctions with a flying flag and resist the pressure of all sanctions.”
Golamreza Paein Mahaleh, the chairman of the board of the economic village said, “All the operations of designing and manufacturing the machinery of the plant have been carried out domestically. We will obtain self sufficiency with the knowledge of engineers and university graduates, government’s measure, people’s hope, and by supporting Iranian goods.”

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