Producing high quality paper from recycled cellulose nano –fibers

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Iranian researchers succeeded to produce a type of high quality paper from recycled cellulose nano –fibers through nano- technology

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According to the reporter of Scientific and Academic Group of Fars News Agency, the use of bagasse, or sugar cane wastes is very effective in the paper industry. Of course, the paper production from bagasse has some weak points, including being less resistance than the wood-based paper. However, the properties of this paper have improved by recycling cellulose nono-fiber.
The produced paper in this plant not only has better mechanical, physical, and optical properties than the ordinary paper but also can be produced at a high speed because nano-cellulose fibers have special and different properties from that of cellulose and have the most compatibility with the paper structure which can improve its properties.”
Cationic starch having opposite ionic load with cellulose and cellulose nano-fibers can create ionic balance in the system and improve the performance of cellulose nano-fibers, increase the resistant properties, and eliminate the weakness of bagasse-based paper.
In this project, an invention has been registered under the title of “Making nano-paper by using cationic cellulose nano-fibers and bagasse pulp.”
The research is resulted from the efforts made by Milad Tajik, a post graduate from Shaid Beheshti University, Hossein Jalali Tarshizi, the member of the faculty of Shaid Beheshti University. Hossein Resalati, the member of the faculty of Sari University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Yahya Hamzeh, the member of the faculty of Tehran University.

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