Today issue of paper is not the allocation of foreign currency/ the main issue is something else

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Referring to the problems of paper, the CEO of Gloriz Factory of Shoushtar Industry said, “At present, the problem of foreign currency allocation to paper is a secondary matter in our country.”

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In an interview with Fars News Agency’s Book and Literature correspondent on the nowadays issue of Karoon paper , Ghasem Fadaei, the CEO of Gloriz Factory of Shoushtar Industry, said, “At present, the allocation of foreign currency to paper is a secondary matter in our country.”
He went on to state that the main issue of the paper is something else and said, “The main and prior issue of paper is not the problem of allocating foreign currency which is considered the secondary problem; in fact, the main issue is that the global price of paper has risen and is increasing dramatically.”
Continuing that this issue and the upward trend is unbelievable, , the CEO of Gloriz Factory of Shoushtar Industry said, “Unfortunately, since the domestic production and manufacturers are not paid attention to and supported in our country, the slightest fluctuation of prices out of the country has impact on the domestic production, so the global fluctuations are very effective.”
In another part of his speech, Fadaei emphasized, “If the US currency with exchange rate of 3800Tomans is allocated to paper, the global price will be still increasing and the paper price will not fall by allocating foreign currency.” He continued, “We have talked about it over and over again that the type of policy on paper made by the respectable governments in all these decades was the same; it was ‘to supply paper with any policy and in any way’. Providing paper with this policy along with lack of support from domestic manufacturers has caused the domestic production to be influenced by imports and to be ignored.”
He said, “The paper imports have always been paid attention to, and the subsidy has been allocated to imports in these recent years. However, if the subsidy has been distributed well and turned into capital, we have been able to supply the required paper domestically concerning our production potential.” Fadaei continued, “We are able to produce best paper with the best machinery, but we have always had a different view towards imports.”
In response to the question asked by Fars News Agency on the ability of Karoon Paper’s production and its current condition, He added, “Karoon Factory still have serious legal problems which have remained unsolved, but besides us, factories such as Pars, Mazandaran, and Tabriz have a good performance.”
Finally, fadaei reminded, “Whether or not to allocated foreign currency to paper will not solve the domestic problem. The problem of paper will become more intense in the coming months because the country depends on imports.”

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