The first international specialized exhibition of Paper, Cardboard in Iran

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About the first international specialized exhibition of Paper,Cardboard, Cellulose Products and related Machinery
28th-31th Julay 2018

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The permission for the first international paper, carton, cellulosic products and related machineries expo assisted by business development association and Islamic republic of Iran international expo incorporation is received. In the year of “supporting Iranian products” our goals are as follow.
. An opportunity of participation and introduction of every activist in the field to offer their products in a highly competitive platform.
. An opportunity for a direct contact between consumers and suppliers.
. An opportunity to scope all the products in a single glance in order to make an accurate optimal choice.
. Providing a competitive platform and respectively, enhancing the quality and decreasing competitive price.
. An opportunity for the participation of companies and overseas suppliers inside the country and creating a direct channel with them.
. An opportunity to possess a solid and trusted data bank for the officials and and consumers.
. Providing an opportunity for the participation of Iran neighbours to meet their needs inside Iran.
. An opportunity to supply the most modern machineries of overseas companies, especially European and American companies.
. An opportunity of introduction of new technologies and benefiting them.
. Creating a competitive ambiance in the field and exiting the monopolized market.
. Creating competition between overseas manufacturers and suppliers to create a platform to directly supply the products and eventually to enhance the quality and decrease the price.
. Introduction Of the industry to the mass and specifically potential sponsors and the countries use in order to enter the field.
. Providing direct and indirect jobs before, during and after the expo.
. This expo is an opportunity for the participation of the following:
-Buyers and Human Resources
-Executives, managing directors & managing board
-Ultimate consumers of the products
-Industrial associations
-High rank officials
-Manufacturers and retailers of machineries and spare parts
-Factory owners, managers and inspectors
-Paper buyers
-Paper technologists
-Paper merchants, distributers and wholesalers
-Printers and publishers
-Research and development specialists
-Stationary buyers
In general conducting the expo results in entranced technology, introduction of well known worldly brands and building influence in international markets. 
TEL:+ 98 21 88795625 – 88775844
UNIT 18, 5TH FLOOR, NO.284, EASTERN ZAFAR ST, AFRICA BLV, TEHRAN, IRAN + 98 21 88795625 – 88775844 + 98 21 88775844 +98 9902202218  HTTP://WWW.AYANDEHANDISHAN.IR

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