Roghani: The domestic factories stopped the production of paper

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The head of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard manufacturers, referring to bad situation of paper last year, informed that the production of printing paper and writing paper was stopped in domestic factories because of market saturation with imported paper.

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In an interview with cultural correspondent of Pouya Club of Journalists, Abolfazl Roghani, the head of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard manufacturers, pointed out the improper situation of paper in this year and stated, “Last year, the packaging paper had a good year, and the exports of this type of paper had a good growth, but the writing and printing paper did not have a good year. There was not enough support so that most domestic factories stopped their production.
He continued, “Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries, Tabriz Paper Mill and Pars Factory are the three manufacturing factories of printing and writing paper which did not have serious production in 1396 (2017-2018) because the market requirements were met by imports and the products of the three factories were stocked or changes into pulp. Therefore, the production was not economically profitable, and the year 1396 was not a good year for white paper, news print and writing paper.
Referring to the recent events in the field of paper, Roghani said, “The condition in this year not only has been better but also will be worse because the paper in the country has no specific and serious authority. On one hand, an unprofessional entity in this area called the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance intends to support and on the other hand, a professional entity called the Ministry of Industry does not interfere.”
The head of Industrial Commission of Iran Chamber of Commerce stated, “The industry has been severely under pressure in the 12th Cabinet of Ministers. Unfortunately, the Industrial Deputy in the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade is a weak deputy and does not have power to defend domestic industries, but the commercial section of this Ministry is much stronger than its industrial section and has stronger defenders. As a result, the production will be hurt.

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