Roghani, “The government’s decision to pay the difference in exchange rates for paper is unplanned and hasty.”

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The government should clarify whether the foreign currency has one exchange rate or still has several rates.

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While supporting the single exchange rate, the head of the Syndicate of paper and cardboard regarded the preparation of the list of principle goods and addition of paper to the list in order to receive the rate difference as an unplanned and hasty decision and said, “The Cabinet should clarify whether the foreign currency has one exchange rate or still has several rates.”
In an interview with the cultural correspondent of Pouya Club of Journalists, Abolfazl Roghani,  the head of the Syndicate of paper and cardboard, referring to the addition of paper to the list of principle goods in order to benefit from the exchange rate difference which is paid by the Cabinet, said, “The decision made by the Cabinet was hasty and wrong.”
He continued, “What happened in the field of foreign currencies over the past few months has been detrimental to the industry in the country, but we should accept that if we had to move on a way to achieve the single exchange rate, it would be a good event. We have accepted this hard surgery to achieve a single exchange rate so that economic rents will be eliminated because the different levels of foreign currencies had nothing else except economic rents and corruption for the country. The industrialists have suggested the government for years that it should move towards a single rate seriously and decisively.”
Roghani Golpayegani added, “Now that we have achieved a single exchange rate, that the Cabinet wants to exclude paper is not acceptable for me because it is detrimental and caused economic rent and corruption again. Thus, the best method is to have a single exchange rate, and no merchant and commodity should be exception, and all should have the same rate. However, there are some vulnerable social strata and industries which should be monitored and identified by the Cabinet, and the end users should be granted subsidies.”
Stating that the Cabinet’s target is to support publishers, so the consumers of publication should be granted subsidies, he said, “It is wrong to pay the subsidy to paper. The government’s decision is unclear in the existing condition. It should be specified whether we have been moving towards a single exchange rate or we still have several exchange rates. If the latter is confirmed, it has nothing but corruption for us.”

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