Nanotechnology has removed the palm dirt from banknotes

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By carrying out an experimental project, Iranian researchers achieved the results based on which the presence of fungi can be removed from banknotes by inserting nano-particles into the banknote paper and prevent the transmission of diseases.

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According to Scientific and Academic Group of Fars News Agency, the researchers of Tehran, Shahid Beheshti and Gorgan Universities have analyzed the effect of the presence of nano-particles inside the structure of the note bank paper on the growth and propagation of fungi by conducting a laboratory project.
Based on the results obtained, the presence of fungi can be prevented on the banknote paper by inserting nano-particles into it, and the transmission of diseases can be prevented.
It is generally believed that the banknotes and coins are the most polluted objects, but the researchers have proved that the issue is more complicated, and many dangerous diseases are transmitted through money.
Based on the reports, banknotes, coins and bills which are exchanged among individuals contain 3000 types of bacteria.
In recent years, antimicrobial and antifungal additives are added into the structure of banknote paper in order to reduce the risk of contagious disease through banknotes.
In the research, firstly the existing fungi are studied on the banknotes used in four different locations, and then the impact of the presence of single and two nano-materials has been simultaneously evaluated on the growth and propagation of fungi.
In the first phase of the project, the banknotes in four crowded locations were studied in terms of the presence of fungi in respect of the amount and types.
In the second phase, the banknotes were coated with cellulose nano-crystals and nano-fiber of chitosan, and then they were evaluated from the perspective of growth and propagation of the fungi.
The obtained results indicated that cellulose nano-crystals did not have a specific anti-fungus effect on the fungi existing on the surface of the banknotes in the hospital environment, but a remarkable anti-fungal activities were observed by adding 6% chitosan nano-fiber. Moreover, we can find that although cellulose nano-crystals do not have antifungal effect, their presence will improve the stability and adhesion of chitosan nano-fibers and subsequently their performance.
The researchers cooperated in the project were Mehdi Jonoubi and Narges Sharif Mousavi faculty member of graduate student of Tehran University; Hassan Yousefi- the faculty member of Gorgan University; Leila Mohammadi, the graduate of Ph.D. Department of Shahid Beheshti University.

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