The consequences of not clearing paper and cardboard at customs on the binders’ activities

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Jalil Ghafari Rahbar, the head of the Tehran Unions of binders pointed to the problems of the guild due to the shortage of the materials required by binders and said, “Many of the members of binder guild have faced problems due to lack of clearance of some types of paper and cardboard for the recent month and the cost price of paper and cardboard has increased.”

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In an interview with Iran Book News Agency (IBNA), referring the shortage of raw materials required by binders in recent weeks, Jalil Ghaffari Rahbar said, “The shortage of glossy paper and cardboard has caused their prices to rise on the market what has seriously harmed the members of guild, and as long as these items remain at customs, we should expect this situation to continue.”
He added, “If the items that are currently left at customs are cleared, the prices will be definitely balanced, and the producers can work in a tranquil atmosphere.”
Referring to the wicked intention of some importers of paper and cardboard, Ghaffari Rahbar said, “in the recent year, some importers have imported glossy paper under the title of cardboard which has created a lot of sensitivity and caused the strictness to be intensified, but if this issue is to continue, it will harm the production.”
Stating that the producers will incur the highest detriment because of the issue, he said, “In addition to not clearing some raw materials required by producers, the fluctuations of foreign currency has made the market unstable in recent weeks; the consequences of both of these factors are to the detriment of producers and consumers
Referring to some items required by binders, the head of the Tehran Unions of binders explained, “Most binders need grey back cardboard and glossy paper for their activities which are not currently available at paper wholesalers while a lot of producers need them to keep the wheel of their workshops turning and are facing problems.”

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