Liquidity is the big problem of production

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A small-scale industrialist in carton making said, “The liquidity issue and banking facilities required for fixed capital to provide machinery are the biggest problem of domestic manufacturers.”

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On the Radio Economics program of “from home to the factory,. Ali Ala’i added, “The government should directly intervene to overcome this challenge because manufacturers are in a critical situation.”
He also said, “Transferring the technology and equipping production lines of the factories with modern machinery will improve the quality of products, reduce production costs and increase the producers’ capabilities to compete on domestic and foreign markets.”
The small-scale industrialist in carton making said, “The statesmen should support the real industrialists in the society and give a hand to the activists in the manufacturing sector.”
He continued, “Irregular imports and the smuggling of goods are other problems and challenges the manufacturers are facing. Many manufacturing units influenced by these issues and cases were shut down and half-closed.”
On the radio interview, referring to other issues of production bottlenecks such as VAT, rough rules and regulations, high interest on banking facilities and the like, Ala’I said, “Undoubtedly, the production will move more smoothly than ever by amending and revising laws and comprehensive supportive measures in different fields.”
In another part of his speech, he also introduced his company’s products and added, “Boxes, cartons, as well as different types of three and five –layer corrugated sheets are produced with A, B, and C flutings.”
The small-scale industrialist in carton making noted, “Our Company is giving service to various guilds of the country including the manufactures of car parts, household appliances, agriculture, sanitary, food and dairy industries while he emphasized the quality and the suitable prices of their packaging products.”
The program of “From home to the factory” is made by the Radio Economics Group of Industry and Commerce which is broadcasted on FM 98 at 15:55 on odd days produced by “Leila Omid Yeganeh” to identify the problems, obstacles, the issues of different industries whether medium- size or large ones and to offer operational guidelines and solutions for them. Identifying the industrial bottlenecks of the county and helping to improve the existing industrial conditions by a three- way communication among industry, university and media is another objective of the program. The people interested in the program can refer to the radio website to download the program’s audio file.

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