The head of the Tehran Chamber: The realization of the exchange rate will lead to the growth of the domestic production.

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The head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, stating that the realization of the exchange rate would lead to the growth of the domestic production, called for the date of announcing a single currency rate by the Central Bank.

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According to IRNA’s economic reporter, on Tuesday at the 34th meeting of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Massoud Khansari added, “The volume of imports into the country has reached from 60 billion USD in the years before 2011 to approximately 40 billion USD.”
According to the official, the 20 billion USD decrease has resulted from the use of domestic products. If the currency exchange rate becomes real, we will see the growth and the development of domestic production more and more.”
He said, “Some believes that people purchase power has decreased, but there exists no shortage of products.”
Pointing to the fluctuations in the exchange rate recently, he reminded, “Since 2014, the head of the Central Bank has put forward the issue of a single currency rate every three months, but its time has not been determined so far.”
Referring the rise in the price of the exchange rate in previous weeks, the head of the Chamber of Commerce stressed, “it will be better to see the facts based on which the exchange rate will be real by the Central Bank so that such leaps do not have bad impacts on production and industry.”
Also referring to the existing issues and problems in the export category as well as that fact that no problem in exports has not been solved so that we expect the exports will increase, he noted, “The private sector has won international projects with the value of 6 billion USD, but they cannot provide guarantees.”
The head of the chamber of the Commerce also mentioned the transportation problems and the failure to pay export incentives as other problems in the category of exports.”
Referring to the increase in tariffs for some commodities, Khansari said, “If tariffs are to be raised, it should happen after an advance notice of at least three months.”
He expressed hope that one day we would experience the tariffs would be fixed for a minimum of two years in the country.
The official said, “We disagree with the excessive imports and want them to be managed.” And kept on, “The unexpected increase in tariffs and in exchange rate will spur the smuggling of the goods leading to a vicious circle. If the increase in tariffs is to happen, it should be accompanied with justification.”
Khansari continued, “The business  on internet and start-apps is faced a challenge due to the events in the recent weeks, while we need to have large investment in this field which will accompany high level of employment taking into account the growing trend of these technology in the world.
Talking about the issue of the governmental debts to private sector, the head of the Chamber of the Commerce noted, “Most private enterprises and contractors creditors and have critical condition so that if the debts are not paid to them, they will face a shutdown.”
He said, “500 trillion IR Rials of governmental debts to the private sector is supposed to be transacted. If it comes true, a lot of problems will be solved.

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