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Ladies and Gentlemen Good evening

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Welcome to our Gala Dinner which organized by China CBBC Exhibition Co and Paper & Wood Website Company. I am appreciating for Iran Cooperation Carton and Corrugated Company members coming here.  Meantime, I also need send my best regards to our Iran representative Mr. Amir Hosseini, many thanks for your kindly supports during past many years.
2008 is my first time loading in Iran, during these 10 years, more and more Iranian come to China very frequently, according Chinese Export association, in 2016, Iran purchased over 10 million USD corrugated machinery from China.  Different from other countries, I do believe Iranian are more family with Chinese suppliers, but on the other side,  still lots of them mentioned that the Chinese machinery are too similar, its not easy to find the difference.  So during tonight, I want to share some new things.
This is our Chinese package industry report, as we can see, in 2015, paper & paper board is the biggest sector which occupied more than 33% market share.  With the green and lightweight package tendency, corrugated board and carton box have been used more and more.  We think it will take 40% market share within 3 years.
If we make more analysis on end-user sectors, we can see both food and beverage sectors take 44%, the Electronic & home appliances take 20-30%, special for refrigerator and wash machine, are 2 main sectors.  And household products also take another 14%.
From above analysis, we can get some new Trends:  1st new trend is the logistic sector, in order to save the cost, people want to reduce the package weight, so they are looking for high strength with low gsm paper, and we can see: the T-liner: before is from 150~250g, now is 80~150g,fluting paper before is 180~280g,  now is 100~180g.
2nd new trend is the function sector, now carton box is from transportation change to product package, I will give you a number to clarify this situation: 5 years before 3 layer folding carton is only 27%, but now its up to 34%.  Even that, this number in USA is 85%, Japan is 80%.  So we can see with the paper quality improve, more and more clients will use it as product package.
The last new trend is appearance sector, during Drupa time, the expert mentioned, the beautify package will knock people to buying them; so high definition printing package is more and more attractive. Now lots of factory are using flat offset printing machinery with laminator, in this case, we need to invest more machinery, and offer more factory space, and another shortage is: speed limited; we have another option is pre-printing machine, but their shortage is: the min quantity order should be 100,000 pieces.   So if one factory, we don’t want buy new machinery, we also don’t have so big order, but I am still want to development high definition printing business, what we can do? Today, we have the solution, I suggest everyone open the hand bag which you got before the Gala Dinner and you will find a corrugated board inside, please check it, its not offset print, its 100% flexo printing; its not using laminator, its directly printing on coated corrugated board.
If anybody who interested in this corrugated box, I am proud to introduce Mr Jin the GM of Yongliqi Paper Machinery.  YLQ Paper Machinery was founded in 2004 , with 14 years’ experience focus on  high-definition Printing technology, they has technical research and Design Company in Dongguan,  the production base in Tianjin which next to Beijing.  Talking about YLQ, from my personal, I want share one thing with you, 1st time I visited YLQ, in their factory I saw lots of corrugated board with different marks, I feel very strange, why a Flex printing equipment manufactory need so many kinds of different corrugated board for what?  Mr Jin inform me, use different quality level corrugated board, one side is want to test and improve the machinery operate stability,  another side is put these records to their customized training system by themselves, With this training system, their clients can play the full advantages of the machine.  Another good news is, from 2018, CBBC company will together with YLQ engineers are planning to do oversea market machine maintenance, if you have any problems in flexo printing sector, they are glad to visit you and service you.
Besides carton box machinery, our corrugated group also have another 15 exhibitors, and meantime we also have 9 exhibitors for Pulp & paper group, we can offer from: paper making line, QCS, felt, chemical, and other spare parts; If anybody interested in our products, please kindly find us in Hall 35.
At last, please give me 5 minutes to introduce who am I, my name is Winnie Lee working for China CBBC Exhibition company.  Every year we will have Lets GoChina Program in paper & paper package sectors.  For any person who participate our program, we will offer free hotel accommodation, bus transportation, airport pick up.
Different with exhibition visiting, lets GoChina program is more focus on technical communication ; for example: we will visit Chinese corrugated board and carton box factory to see how they are operation and management machinery, we will visit machinery factory to see the interior structure, we will have technology conference to talking what’s the difference from your company and Chinese company solutions,  and last day is for Matchmaking day with 100+ Chinese corrugated and carton equipment suppliers.
On 15-20 July is corrugated board and carton box program;
in 18-23 Nov is Pulp & Paper program which special for paper mills.
Here is our suppliers list, if anybody, who interested in our program, please contacts Mr Hosseini anytime.
That’s all, thank you for your time, and wish you will enjoy our Gala Dinner.

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