Packaging standards were mandatory in the export of agricultural products

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The head of the Union of Exporters and Importers of Agricultural Products said, "Due to the inappropriate packaging of agricultural products and all kinds of fruit which had caused their exports to face difficulty, packaging standards were reviewed and elaborated by the Trade Development Organization which will be compulsory in the early of November.

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In an interview with ISNA, Seyed Reza Nourani said, "One of the main problems to export agricultural products is their inappropriate and non-standard packaging which sometimes creates problems in this respect. Therefore, we have been seeking to develop standards to improve the packaging status of exporting agricultural products, especially different kinds of fruit. 
He added, "In this regard, we held numerous meetings with the Trade Development Organization and managed to elaborate the standards for the packaging of exporting agricultural products and various types of fruit which will be mandatory from the early November on."
According to ISNA, the lack of packaging in the exports of different kinds of agricultural products; such as the export of saffron and even pistachio, sometime results in exporting them in bulk to other intermediate countries where they are repacked and sent to the target countries which this weakness not only lead to the disappearance of Iran as a brand but also will dedicate more surplus value and foreign countries for the countries which play no role in the production of these products and are only the intermediaries of exporting anonymous Iranian agricultural products to other countries."

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