In near future, Mahallat will turn into the pole of paper making from stone

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Mahallat Governor said, "Two licenses have already been issued for the production of paper from rock waste in Mahallat. One of the investors will soon begin to work and launch his products on the market."

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According to Mehr News Agency, on Tuesday morning at the opening ceremony of the 10th Iran's International Exhibition of Stone and Related Industries, Ali Zeinivand said, "Two stone processing factories will soon start in Mahallat. Mahallat has many capacities in stone industry and the related industries." 
He said, "60% of the domestic and 12% of world travertine reserves are in this city." 
Mahallat Governor added, "Despite 280 stone processing factories, if we visit the beautiful industrial sheds of stone processing, they are accumulated with thousands of tons of stone due to the dominant stagnation for which the government should make a fundamental decision and find a solution."
Zeinivand noted, "The Cabinet should promote incentives for exports. The reason for the lack of exports is the high primary price of production, and we even do not have the capacity to compete with our neighboring countries."
He said, "Of course, we should not forget to move towards downstream industries due to the recession. In near future, Mahallat will turn into the pole of paper making from stone, and we will present the products on the market."
In another part of his speech, Zeinivand said, "Moreover, Mahallat is the center of flowers in Iran, and there are about 900 hectares of flower lands, and the National Institute of Flowers and plants is active in Mahallat. Regarding the variety of flowers, 5000 species of ornamental flowers are grown in Mahallat."
Mahallat Governor continued, "In addition, the first ornamental fish park is under construction in Mahallat for which the credit of 5 billion Tomans have been allocated so far, and its executive operations will begin soon."
He pointed out, "In the field of growing flowers and plant, we faced water problem. In order to solve it, 30 liters per second of wastewater have been transferred and another 15 hectares of land will be added to the capacity of greenhouses of growing flowers in Mahallat." 

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