The fluctuation of the currency exchange rate made the paper expensive

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The Head of the Union of Paper and Cardboard Vendors announced the increase in the price of paper as the result of the fluctuation of the currency exchange rate in the recent month.

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Seyed Hassan Mirbagheri, the Head of the Union of Paper and Cardboard Vendors, in an interview with the Pouya Club of Journalists announced a slight increase in the price of paper on the market in recent years and said, "Regarding the increase in the rate of currency exchange in recent years, the paper price increased, too. Of course, it was a minor increase, and it can be said the paper has become around 2% more expensive." 
He continued, "The imported paper creates the major volume of our domestic consumption which is imported from China, Indonesia, and South Korea. Fortunately, the paper market has been in a better condition for the recent months and the market of supply and demand had a better balance, but the market is still in recession."
Pointing to the lack of boom in the market of paper and cardboard, Mirbagheri said, "The paper market along with the market of other industries suffers from the recession, and we are experiencing no boom in it. It is true that the main use of paper is in the field of culture, but the paper market depends on other industries, too. If the other industries work well, the paper market will boom." 
Referring to the recent resolution on stopping harvesting from northern forest, he said, "This plan does not seem to have much impact on the paper consumption in the country, because only 10 to 15 percent of the existing paper in the country is produced by governmental factories, but it will definitely has impact on the price of domestic paper."

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